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About Us

We are all about family

Our main focus since 2016 has been to create a fun, safe, friendly and welcoming retreat for families.

We focus on making sure that you feel as though you’ve just joined a long lost family of your own!

We are a family friendly resort.

We are also an inclusive resort.

That means we respect and welcome all kinds of folks from across this great country. We hope that you are friendly and inclusive as well. This makes for a fun time for all!

If, however, you decide not to be so friendly to a fellow guest for whatever reason, we’ll have a conversation with you. Depending on how things go, that conversation could include us asking you to pack up early.¬†

There is no refund of your payment as a result of this conversation.

Why Choose Us

Every resort, cottaging community or campsite has policies and procedures. We’re no different. After a few years of owning The Lighthouse, we’ve figured out some simple rules that we ask all our guests to follow. Why? We’re all about making sure as many people as possible enjoy their time off the beaten path. If you enjoy laughter, peace and beautiful surroundings, are we the place for you! If you enjoy loud music, disturbing others and generally being a pain in the campfire, we are definitely NOT for you.

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